Gaining new raw materials and energy from waste! ........... yes, that is possible. help yourself to make our environment clean for the next generations.

win from plastic waste, waste oils and grass, bioenergy and raw materials. a revolution or not? yes, a Bio revolution.

everyone knows, very few do anything about it. the environment is polluted, plastic waste arrives everywhere in our life cycle and we already eat plastic-contaminated fish.
Waste oils are very often not disposed of or recycled properly and incompletely, this pollutes our soil from which we are allowed to eat vegetables, our rivers and groundwater and our oceans.
do you want to continue living like this?


Fossil raw materials for fertilizers around the world are becoming scarce.

Every minute, two rainforest football pitches are cleared for mass livestock farming.

Waste oil is disposed of in forests, water or the desert.

Lack of food and industrial mass nutrition causes malnutrition and civilian diseases.

Every year, 10 million tons of oil waste enter the global water system.

More than 100 million tons of plastic are already found in our oceans.

We may have a solution to minimize all of this. we are not god.

Our machines for recycling / transforming plastic waste, waste oil and natural grass into new organic products and valuable materials. according to the motto: from nature to nature.

WASTX Plastic

wastX Oil