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Trading vegetables, fruits, oils..................

Vegetables and fruits of various kinds. all year or according to season.

finest olive oil, frying oil.

energy drinks, sports drinks ......

contact: trading@ouproma.com


Vegetables and fruitsVegetables and fruits

Trading waste plastic & paper

we sell worldwide:
PET flakes, transparent white and transparent blue. cold and hot washed. on request also yellow, blue, mixed, green and other types such as PVC, PP, PE ........

We sell waste paper to North Africa. white paper, untreated, not colored, not plasticized, not glued. everything is white.

contact: trading@ouproma.com

PET,PVC, PP, PE..... flakesPET,PVC, PP, PE..... flakes

rewarding processing       

Here we offer you a wide range of services.
Recyclable materials: Shredding and grinding, granulation & regranulation or simply complete recycling of your valuable substances.
blow molding, extrusion and injection molding of your material, we do that too. Here we only need your desired shapes, your own material or we offer you the material. your production will remain qualitatively equivalent but more cost efficient.
also in the metal area like iron. aluminum and copper. we can shredding and grinding that for you and melt it down.

contact: rewarding processing