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Ketchup systems




OPM offers two options regarding the production of ketchup and ketchup-like sauces: the batch line and the continuous line. Both lines are well-suited for the production of real ketchup, starch-based ketchup and sauces, like gipsy sauce and ‘Schaschlick’ sauce.  



The production of larger amounts of ketchup and other sauces in a batch result in a lower cost price. The machines are easy to clean so the batch machine can be configured and reconfigured for a different product. The continuous line is very suitable for the production of high volumes and ensures flow production: the production process of the ketchup and sauces is continuous and has a low cost price. Apart from production machines for ketchup and sauces, OPM also offers packaging machines for ketchup and other sauces.



Optionally, the following components can be integrated:



Your Benefits:


  • Very hygienic design and choice of the right materials

  • Flexibele capaciteit, volume aantal eenvoudig te bepalen

  • Limited operator use

  • Automated resource input: efficient and hygienic

  • Fast recipe change is possible

  • Efficient CIP cleaning

  • Testing and running test batches in advance is possible in the in-house demo room of our partner.