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Trading vegetables & fruits

Vegetables and fruits of various kinds. all year or according to season.

Our products:
citrus fruits such as limes, oranges, tangerines, clementines and lemons.
cactus figs from two crops: summer and autumn harvest
figs, light and dark
garnet apples
fennel heads, white truffle, romana lettuce, iceberg lettuce and much more on request

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Vegetables and fruits

Energy & isotonic drinks
Does man need more sugar to be full of energy? No.
In our time, energy and isotonic drinks are available with much less to no sugar, tastes and gives you the energy you need.
Don't drink anything, drink healthy and improve your performance with natural and organic drinks.
we only offer you the best. all products are well thought out, tested and certified.

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Trading edible oils

Oils can be used in many ways, but it is very important to pay attention to quality, because you want to consume it or use it to prepare your dishes. pay attention to quality to stay healthy and enjoy.
we offer the finest edible oils, some from our own harvest.
Our oils are regularly checked and certified.
our favorite is our olive oil. always the best quality in stock.

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Trading waste plastic

we sell worldwide:
PET flakes, transparent white and transparent blue. cold and hot washed. on request also yellow, blue, mixed, green and other types such as PVC, PP, PE ........

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PET,PVC, PP, PE..... flakes

rewarding processing       

Here we offer you a wide range of services.
Recyclable materials: Shredding and grinding, granulation & regranulation or simply complete recycling of your valuable substances.
blow molding, extrusion and injection molding of your material, we do that too. Here we only need your desired shapes, your own material or we offer you the material. your production will remain qualitatively equivalent but more cost efficient.
also in the metal area like iron. aluminum and copper. we can shredding and grinding that for you and melt it down.

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