Advenced Filling technology

Liquid filling any kinds

OPM offers a range of Rotary filling equipment with a machine to suit every bottler.

Our range includes Filler capper mono blocks and Rinser filler capper tri blocks. These monoblock and triblock Fillers are the result of over 20 years of building filling machinery.

These machines are modular and flexible, offering the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, personal, care and home care industries the right technological filling solutions.

OPM offers the food, beverage, home care, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry state-of-the-art machines and we strive towards new innovations by constantly developing and upgrading our filling technology.

Combining essential features and the simplicity of proven closing systems with widely appreciated high standards of quality and reliability, the high speed net weight, level, and flow meter fillers are the ultimate innovation in the Filtec filling range. This particularly versatile Series has been designed to reach an output speed of up to 400bpm with up to 60 filling heads and 15 capping heads.Our high speed machines can be equipped with the latest generation of completely automated CIP-SIP systems.

Our partners has developed an automated CIP/ SIP system for it’s Rotary Fillers, which remarkably reduces the manual intervention of the operator with subsequent saving on time and money.

All manual operations between the CIP and the SIP phase have been eliminated and are carried out automatically. The flexible pipes for the washing media and for the steam are now easily connected one to the other and to the fluids discharge manifold, by means of quick-couplers. This system avoids any spillages or leaks of liquid during the entire cleaning process.

All of our Rotary machines are fully validated and can be supplied with validation documentation.

Automatic adjustment of the filling and capping turret height is done by means of motors.

Quick changeover

  • The conveyor belt has guide bars, which can be dismounted by two milled nuts.

  • Each guide bar can be used for two bottle geometries by simply turning it upside down.

  • No need to adapt the spacing between jars or the distance between nozzles as in traditional systems.

Quick changeover when switching bottle formats.

Easy cleanability

  • The conveyor belt stays clean since it is not in contact with the bottles during filling.

  • The transfer station has a smooth stainless steel surface and can be cleaned if required.

  • To clean the pistons and filling nozzles, the nozzles will be lowered through openings in the transfer station into a designated tub.

  • The rinsing liquid will be discharged through a hose.

Time-saving cleanability.

Simple transport and set-up

  • The compact dimensions make the transport and set-up very easy.

  • The modules fit through any door.

  • The small foot-print allows to place the machine in rooms with space constraints.

Transporting and setting up the machine can be handled quickly.


  • LAN-Interface: Remote access for service and support.

Minimal down-times in case of a service job.

  • Load cell as option:

  • To the volumetric dosing can be added a weight function. This allows to use gravimetric filling and to record the filling weight for each cycle.

  • Also check-weighing can be implemented.

Additional quality management activity.

  • Option Smartphone App: Monitoring the system by a smartphone App allows to analyze filling quantities per day or week.

Tracking production progress in real time.