Food sterilizing machines


OPM Partners has the pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, professional engaged in the manufacture and production of food sterilization pot, our company with first-class product quality and perfect after-sale service

We offer to you a perfectly suited for sterilization-pasteurization-cooking of all kinds of products such as:

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Meat and meat based products

  • Raw milk and milk products

  • Fish and seafood

  • Ready meals

  • Baby food

  • Pet food and etc. packed in all kinds of container: cans, tins, aluminum, glass jars, plastic bottles, pouches, plastic trays, etc. F value autoclave controls the sterilizing effects by F value preset so as to make the sterilizing effects visible and controllable without affected by the raising temperature and size of food.

  • Automatic control by PLC computer/order input by touch screen easily

  • reduce steam consumption, steam and atomizing sterilizing water make thermal mixing in sterilizer directly, which increases speed of temperature rise and drop

  • the water makes quick cycle, and reaches presetting sterilizing temperature quickly

  • the hot water make conviction and form perfect temperature distribution

  • have low noise, and create quiet and comfortable operational environment

  • have perfect pressure control, pressure of the whole production process makes continuous adjustment so as to suit change of pressure in product packing, and to make deformation of product packing to the minimum, especially suit product with gas packing

  • record of temperature curve. and time curve.

  • temperature abnormal alarm .pressure abnormal alarm. option abnormal alarm

  • gradual cooling



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