In the stone age man could not grow vegetables or cook. the human was only hunting. hunted animals and even ate them raw.
It is good that we can make a lot of things in our time and that we can produce countless tasty and nutritious products that are indispensable in our everyday life.

In terms of meat technology we already start with the living animal until the finished packaged product.
We offer you the complete slaughter, cutting, sorting, classify, weighing and packaging lines for poultry, pork, lamb, goat and beef whether half or fully automatic.

Slaughtering Lines

Slaughtering Lines


are you done with the slaughter and want to continue?

now we process the meat into high-quality products with our wide range of machines.

we are ready and prepared. For this purpose, we provide you with advice and planning, the complete range of machines and systems for the entire meat processing, from the dissected animal to the packaged and palletized end product.

our maschines: meat grinders, meat mixers, portioners, sausage fillers, cook & brewing machines, meat formers, smoking machines, sterilization machines, spit machines / pick machines etc.

meat grindermeat grinder

meat mixermeat mixer

sausage fillersausage filler

meat shapermeat shaper

Food smokerFood smoker

food sterilizerfood sterilizer

pike machinespike machines

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meat cuttersmeat cutters